Timing is everything, in life and in music. That's the lesson that the forceful quartet from central Arkansas has learned in the last year. From its start, Dust Forth's core has had a passion to inspire any who will listen to their bleeding heart that beats in time with their creator! From the release of their first E.P. "through delicate eyes" in mid 2004, produced by Jason Latshaw (Todd Agnew, Skillet), to the completion of their second four-song E.P. "Silence Speaks" in mid 2005, produced by Jonathan Kellum of Jonah 33, the yearlong span has produced a whirlwind of growth. The group has survived a slight change in its line up and constant touring of the state of Arkansas. Now with all of the pieces moving in time, set goals, and a heart full of determination, Dust Forth is on a path to brave every section of the world their hard edge brand of rock brings them in contact with.


Genre: Rock
Location: AMERICA NORTH: USA: Arkansas (AR)

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