The names Royal, but some also refer to me as Crown or Crown Royal. I am an Artist of 4 years as not only an MC or Rapper, but as a Free-Form Artist in this new Musical Era. I emphasize on "Artist" because I do not limit myself to any one genre of music, but rather embrace the influences from the worlds diverse music culture (people, places, experiences, new tunes). The biggest thing driving me to become successful, at the thing I am most passionate about, are the Incredible group of friends i associate myself with. Makes it even better knowing they love music almost as much as i do! --- P.S. Friends --- Getting your true ysgenuine opinion on my work as an upcoming artist was much appreciated. Performing without anyone knowing and not taking credit for the work Actually provides awesome feedback! Thanks Guys! My overwhelming LOVE for music has taken me from my local area to L.A (for coast2coast mixtapes), The Big state of Texas, and back to my present choice of residence, North Carolina. In the upcoming EDM explosion on the world, I have starting taking it's influence and different style of performing (as well as style of music) and adapting it to my Own style, Rockstar Royal Style that is. If you get a chance to see me out at an event or show prepared to MOVE! I expect my audience to have as much or more stage presence than I do! I already know my fans, followers, and public respectable figures, to whom I look up to, how much I appreciate the love, criticism (good or bad ), and most of all the support you all have given me thus far. All I can say is Thanks. Stay Fresh and Fly and keep the Love coming I am a 22 yr. old Artist (focused in Hip-Hop, Rap, EDM, Alternative, and many other music genres) from the Bull City, striving to fulfill my Passion as an Artist. If you are lucky enough to know me in person, you KNOW I will not be giving up until I have satisfied my hunger and drive to accomplish my goals and reach my desired success.


Genre: Unknown
Location: AMERICA NORTH: USA: North Carolina (NC)
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